Little Drops of Inspiration

Hannah Morrison
3 Dimensional Design BA (Hons)
Jewellery and Glass Enthusiast,
Passion for Photography


STABIL by Cédric Ragot

These occasional tables pare down the table to its very essence: a surface perched improbably above its shadow. In powder coated steel, Stabil comes in three sizes and three finishes.

A clever design which enables the user to make more use of space. 



Because everyone needs a baby hippo to make their day that wee bit better. 

(via lookatthislittlething)

The S’up Spoon was developed in conjunction with Grant Douglas (who has cerebal palsy) by Glasgow-based consultancy 4c Design. The spoon head has a deeper cavity to hold contents more securely and reduce spillage. The sleek contours and matte black finishing ensure this product is in no way singled out as an assistive device; it is, perhaps, simply a new perspective on the humble spoon.

This is a great example of inclusive design which encourages designers to ensure that their products and services address the needs of the widest possible audience, irrespective of age or ability.

Info Objects Project:

Drop Casting candle wax. 

Info Objects Project:

Drop Casting Pure Bees Wax into hot water instead of cold. 

Info Objects Project:

Drop Casting Pure Bees Wax. Video 1.   

Self Directed Project; Man’s Interference with Nature

Final pieces on the body as wearable brooches, both singularly and as a collection. 

Self Directed Project; Man’s Interference with Nature.

Final Collection as stand alone ‘sculptural’ pieces. 

InfoObjects Project

Complete Aluminium Honey Knife with Heather Honey.